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Building a Legacy

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It’s rare that anyone enters the construction industry and claims a “general contractor” status right off the bat. Everyone must start somewhere. For Keystone Utility Construction (KUC), we began with telecom. In the early 2000s, major telecommunications companies began switching their infrastructure from co-axial cable to fiber-optics. This gave KUC the opportunity to grow into a highly successful operation with crews working around the clock to help build the fiber-optic backbones of AT&T and Sprint. The invaluable experience and knowledge gained from the telecommunications community alone laid the framework for KUC to become a competitive and dependable utility contractor throughout the Northeastern United States. 

The journey.

Every success has its fair share of struggles. When the fiber boom slowed down, coupled with the economic crisis of 2008, it was nearly impossible to sustain the KUC enterprise without seeking work outside of telecom. It was the perfect opportunity to diversify. We began venturing into new facets of construction and now provide services related to (but not limited to) forestry management and land clearing, precision grading and leveling, drainage solutions for tricky areas, water and sewer utility systems, and other miscellaneous needs involving heavy equipment excavation.

Core values.

There is a reason everyone makes safety their number one priority, and we are no different. There is no task that can’t wait for proper safety measures and precautions. Every member of our team is fully insured and qualified to perform the responsibilities afforded to them. As a family-owned business, we understand the severity of working safely.





Planet Earth


Looking ahead.

We are bound and determined to grow our company, take on new and exciting challenges, and provide exceptional service to our local community and beyond. We are a name you can trust, and motivated to work for you! Not only do we approach every project as an opportunity to learn, we are making memories as a team and excited to leave a legacy for the future generations involved in Keystone Utility Construction.


Deadlines are a crucial part of this business and timelines are taken very seriously. Aside from uncontrollable factors that inhibit our ability to provide superior services and a safe work environment, our experience translates to quick turnaround times without sacrificing quality.

We are comprised of close-knit crews that thoroughly enjoy what we do. Although to some, this love of construction may seem uncanny, it is an essential part of employment at KUC. A selective hiring process enables us to bring our customers enthusiastic, hard-working, and respectful crew members. Our pride is evident in attention to the smallest details. Short-cuts and sub-standards are not tolerated.

We respect your time and your money. Your concerns are taken personally and never understated. Every effort is always made to ensure our customer’s needs are met and we value being a trustworthy supplier, even when no one is looking.

Much of the work we do has the potential to have a lasting effect on the environment and local ecosystem, and we strive to make that impact a positive one by staying up to date on the latest sustainable business practices.

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